Auction Next Saturday

On Saturday the 26th of November, our Brigade will be catering for this Sale being held by one of our members. 

There is all sorts of interesting gear going under the hammer, as you can see from the flyer below.


Come along and have a look and maybe a bid, and while you are there, buy some tasty food or cold drinks from our cheerful Brigade members.

Please don't try to buy before the day, because nothing will be sold before the auction apart from perhaps that lovely old Cadillac! 


A Busy October.

It has been a very busy month for our Brigade, and there are so many fantastic photos that it is hard to know which ones to use!

We'll start by showing this photo, which was actually taken last month but only became available more recently.  It is the members of the Brigade who went along to support Angus for his award nomination. Don't we look smart? 

Group pic

We have done many Hazard Reduction burns this month. Some by day...



And some of our burns have been done starting in the afternoon and going into the night, which can make for some spectacular scenery.



back fire

gogs pic


Four of our new members finished their basic training this month. Andrew H, Michelle,  Phil and Rob have all been out to burns too, and are already proving themselves to be useful team-mates.  Well done guys and gal!

This is our youngest Andrew of five. Not sure what he is doing here, perhaps demonstrating a disco move?  :)

Andrew H

Phil and Rob

That's Phil and Rob showing good style on the hose at training. 

Saturday Schedules have been well attended, apart from a couple of weekends where we have had quite a posse of Sawyers members at the Mundaring Fireschool for Basic or Structural training. Here we are revisiting the art of Drafting with Training Officer, Andrew


This month we had a lovely breakfast barbecue, but sadly, we didn't get any photos, because we were too busy enjoying the tasty food and chatting.  Many thanks to the members who supplied and cooked and baked our brekky.  We also welcomed this year's ten (!) new team members for the coming fire season, with a choccie frog and a nice new bandanna to wear on the fireground.  It is only a fun token of our esteem, but we do appreciate you all very much! 

Sister Fireys, Jen and Tina, had their other sister, PJ, visit from Qld and were snapped having a bit of fun showing her how not to test a hose.   PJ had a lovely time visiting the station and maybe she'll join a brigade in her own home town now that she's seen what it is all about. 


Someone else likes to visit the station with his mum, too.  Little Blake is rather keen on the old Austin, which has had its new fuel tank fitted and is one step closer to getting back on the road. Santa Run here we come! 


Blakey's mum, Michelle, did a fantastic job of organising a Swapmeet to fundraise for the Brigade this month.  It turned out to be a bit of a stormy day, but they still raised a little under $700, so well done to everyone who came along to help.  Michelle has also been a total trooper about turning out to HRBs and is always a cheerful presence in our Brigade, whatever we are up to.  Go Michelle!


We have also had our new automatic hose reel fitted to the Light Tanker, which was very exciting, after an amazing effort by our friendly Fundraising Team.  So many people and organisations helped us to raise the money, and we have thanked them all heartily as we've been going along on this fundraising journey, but we would have taken a lot longer to get our new reel if it wasn't for the matching Smarty Grant we received from the Mundaring Shire for $1836 dollars to get us over the line!  Our Shire is always very supportive of all the Mundaring Brigades, and we can't thank them enough for giving us this extra support.  We'll put out out the fires faster for you now! 

Special thanks also go here to Allan from Mt Helena Brigade, who got us the reel for a fantastic price and fitted it for nothing, with the kind help of Paul, also from Mt Helena Brigade.  We are so grateful for your kind help!

Andy is seen here modelling our new hose reel.  Andy loves a new bit of technology so he is even more excited than the rest of us!

hose reel

We'll end our news this month with this pair of great photos of Jen and Andy, showing how enjoyable this job can be, even when it is also being hard and dirty.  The joy of being part of a team that is focused on good work shines in these smiles.   We are all very lucky to have such fantastic people to work beside.  Go Team!  

Jen and andy 1

 Jen and andy 2 

Wonderful photos this month come from Gogs, Michelle, Andy, Craig, Tina, Andrew and an official DFES photographer.  If you take a photo you'd like to see here, please send it to Tina before the end of the month. 


September was all go!

Well, what a month!   

We had one call-out, to a car fire that didn't seem to exist!  We have also had one HRB of our own and helped the Shire with two more burns on the Railway Reserve in Sawyers Valley.

Gogs watching over the burn on the railway reserve. 


Jen and Andy enjoying the perfect conditions for our HRB.


Mirline got the hang of the firebug quickly under Angus's tutelage.

mirline & angus

Jenny and Michelle looking keen at the HRB.

jen and michelle

Phil and Pierre keeping an eye on the east side of the burn on the railway reserve. 

phil and pierre

Quite a few of our newest members have now done their two burns to qualify as fully active firefighters in this coming season, and we have plenty more who have one and are just awaiting their chance to get that elusive second burn.  Well done to you all!

Phil, Mirline, Pierre and Andy watch a car go by. 


How was this for a turnout from our Brigade to help the Shire?  Well done us!

team2 This month we had the chance to go and have a lovely breakfast at the Perth Convention Centre while we watched the DFES firefighter Awards.  It was a very pleasant outing for everyone who went. 

Michelle got this well-timed photo of Angus watching his video as part of the awards.  Good snap Michelle! 


Here is the link to the three videos of the nominees for the Murray Lang Bushfire Service Award.  Nick from DFES did a fine job!  

After the breakfast we all took the opportunity to go and look at the exhibition, which was very interesting.


This was a display where you could type in your Brigade name and see how many incidents your brigade had attended in the last five years.  As you can see, with 271 attendances, our little Brigade has a very good work ethic!


Here is the 1.4 making its first foray onto the new station entrance.   Many thanks to Keith, Les and the building committee for making this happen.  No more bumps!


We also had our own Brigade dinner this month.  Vicki, John and Keith and their helpers worked hard to make this a great night, and it was!  The Mt Helena/Parkerville CWA fed us royally!  Many thanks to Craig for remembering to take a couple of photos for us. 


It was a very friendly evening of good food and plenty of chat.  Our award winners received very nice engraved trophies.  


And Nick and Kath received their ten year service medallions.   Well done you two!  What an accomplishment!

kath and nick

This week our Brigade and the Austin made the Midland Echo with a report about local nominations for the DFES awards.  Angus and Stuart Parks, a career Firey from Midland were the two locals who were nominated.  Angus and the Austin made the photo for the article!


We will be doing more burns in the coming weeks for sure, and soon fire season will be upon us. If you are an active member and want to remain so, please make sure you have your skills refresher done soon. We need you! 

This coming weekend the Brigade is hosting a Swapmeet at Mundaring Recreation Grounds. We need more helpers so if you are a member, please put your hand up to come and help, and if you want to support our Brigade, come along as a seller or buyer.flyer


Many thanks for this month's great photographs go to:  Michelle, Andy, Andrew, Tina and Craig.


What have we been doing in August?

It has been so very cold and wet this month and no call outs to fires, but we've still kept busy.

On the last Schedules of July, we had Nick from DFES's Media Unit come out to take video and photographs of us, ready to make a short film about us as part of 1st Lt Angus Hay's short-listing for the Murray Lang Bushfire Service Award.

Filming 1

It was great to see so many members turning out to support Angus, and we had a bit of fun being placed here and there for the filming.

Andy & Phil

filming 3

New member, Phil, really looked the part up in the monitor bay with Andy! 

Andy & Phil

We loved this photo we managed to get of husband and wife fireys, Michelle and Elton.

elton & michelle

We also liked this very artistic photo that Mirline got of some of the crew!

arty crew

After we'd done some hose-work near the station, some of the members went with Nick out to the power-line trail to do a little more fiming. 

trail filming

He even had a drone, so the footage from that will be very interesting to see!   We're looking forward to viewing the finished film at the awards breakfast next month and will hopefully be able to link it here on the website.


Work on our skills refreshing is still going on.  We borrowed the real fire blankets from the Mundaring Fire School to do some burnover drills.  Have to remember to keep those backsides and toes tucked in, and even in cold weather it's very good to be able to get out from under those hot blankets!

In August there was a Rural Urban Exercise (RUI) set up down in Darlington with all the local brigades attending. 

light tankers


Dave &Pierre & Andy

It was very educational to go round some of the houses and assess them as if a fire was three hours away,  seeing what houses we could defend and how to best prepare those homes for the fire's approach. A good reminder to us all that you should walk around outside and look at your own house with an approaching fire in mind, then make changes in acessibility and fuel loads to make it easier for a brigade to save your home.  Start preparing now!

The tall and the short of our brigade.  Everyone is valuable!


After we'd done assessments under the experienced tutelage of Adrian and Dave,  we ran hoses out round chosen homes and practiced our Asset Protection, and ended the morning with debrief, then a sausage sizzle and some networking with the other brigade members at Darlington Station.

This isn't our team, because we didn't get a photo of our asset protection set up, but this is how it gets done.  Two hoses, one going to each side of the building.

asset team

Continuing the socialising, some members of the Brigade and a few friends from other brigades too, (Hi to Suzy from Bakers Hill and Kate from Darlington!) went to Mundaring Folk and Blues Club's August concert and had a great time listening to the musicians.  We also got in a lot of chatting in between acts, of course!  We enjoyed it so much, we think we'll go next month too, so if you missed out last time, come along!

Between The St. John's First Aid courses at Mundaring Fire School, and the WAERN radio course at Mundaring Emergency Communication Centre, both of which were attended by quite a posse of Sawyers Brigade members, a couple of Schedules in the month saw a few less people than usual on-station, but the last Saturday of the month was back to a full complement of eager members, here seen learning about connection points, flow rates, water conservation and more from Adrian.

adrian 1

The person on the far right of this next pic is one of our latest new members, Rob.  We have also been joined by Shaun and Andrew (yes another Andrew or Andy, we have five now and every one is welcome!)  The information evening we held this month for people considering joining was very valuable.  Thanks for stepping up guys!  Your brigade and your community are very appreciative!

adrian 2

Next month is going to be very busy.  We have our Brigade's annual dinner and also the DFES awards breakfast to go to.   (Go Angus go!)  Some members are also helping by being Trail Support Crew for the Oxfam Trailwalk and the Trek the Trail weekends.   We also have a combined burnover training event up at Chidlow Brigade to go to, and the annual "Dig 'em out day" for training on dealing with soft sand driving, organised by the Darlington Brigade.  That should be a bit of fun! 

Fire season is coming, and with all the enthusiasm we've brought to the many training events and classes we've attended, our Brigade looks like being super well-prepared for this year.   Well done everyone!

Great photos this month taken by Craig, Ricky of Darlington Brigade, Nikki, Mirline,  Andrew, and Tina. Don't forget to send Tina any photo you get that you'd like to see on the website.       








End of July already!

Once again a busy month.

We didn't have many fire call outs, as you would expect in winter.  One to a fire in the wheel of a truck that had already been put out by the efficient driver by the time we got there.  Stand down!

Wheel fire

The other call was to a pile of rubbish that had got alight somehow and was soon put out by the attending brigades.  The 1.4 came home with some oranges in the back after a trip through an orchard for that one!  They were delicious.  :D


On election day, we went to the local primary school, our polling place, to do some chatting about fire preparation and some recruiting.


And we also held a very successful wood raffle at Mundaring Markets. More money towards our automatic hose reel!


The instigation in Mundaring Shire this year of skills refresher forms for all active members has seen the trainers of the Brigade rise to meet the challenge. We have already got some people signed off, though of course we plan on refreshing these very important skills through the off-season ready to hit the fire-ground running next summer.

Drafting water from lakes and dams has been a good skill to refresh.  We don't often need to draft here because our area has plenty of hydrants, but it is a skill that you really need when you need it.

Here's Captain John showing us how not to get the drafting started. :)


And how to do it properly! 

john drafting serious

The next weekend, Keith took over the training of the attending team to great interest from all concerned.


We had some exciting news that our 1st. Lt. Angus Hay has been shortlisted for the Murray Lang Bushire Service Award.  Angus is a hardworking member of our Brigade, always available to turn his hand to anything that needs doing, and a patient teacher of new recruits on and off the fireground.  On the very last Saturday of this month, a team will be coming to film our station as part of the award. How exciting!  Good luck Angus!


There are many hard working members of our Brigade.  Award nomination possiblities come up at times, so keep alert and if you admire a member of the Brigade and think they need recognition, get writing!  Right now there is one for Volunteers of long standing via the 2016 Volunteer Service Awards.  Is there anyone you know who could fit the bill?  If you don't write about them, maybe no one else will ever know how great they are.    

Last week, Jen and Steffo opened their home to the members of the rather informal fundraising crew.  Some great ideas were had, and some very nice wine and nibblies were consumed.   More on our plans soon, but in the meantime, a hint; start boning up on your trivia knowledge!

FR Team

Our station has had work begun on a paved entrance.  No more bumpy turnouts!  Good work, construction team!


The other Saturday, all six of the currently-active lady Firefighters were at the station so we just had to get a photo.

lady firefighters

That was a very busy morning, but then they all seem to be busy these days.  We're loving all the good energy buzzing around on Saturday mornings.  Keep up the enthusiasm, team!


Socialising is going well too, with a jolly and well-attended bonfire night.  That's one fire we didn't have to hurry to put out!


Next month we are hoping to get a few music lovers together to go to the local Mundaring Folk and Blues club.  Members, keep your eyes on the Brigade email for that!

A warm welcome to Phil and Janet, who have joined the Brigade.  We and your community very much appreciate your offer to do good things for us all.  We are looking forward to getting to know you better.  The bonfire was a great start!   We missed getting a good photo of Janet because she was bending over patting Kelly the Labrador, but here's Phil and Janet chatting to Angus.


Gee, is this a Fire Brigade or a Labrador Club?  :D

Plenty of good stuff on the horizon for our Brigade, so keep watching this space!         

Great photos this week provided by Andrew, Craig, Nikki, Elton and Tina.  Remember, if you have a good photo, send it to Tina!








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