June 2019

The Restricted Burning Period was extended until June 14, though later rescinded after some decent rain.  Oddly enough on June 6 there was a fire danger rating of very high so no burning was permitted for that day as well as the evening even with a permit. We were very lucky that day, no so in others areas, here is the video report by the Commissioner.


Late one evening Sawyers Valley was called to assist Chidlow VBFB at a bushfire resulting from an unattended burn, during the restricted period.  A large area was found to be burning, evidently since earlier in the day.  Access proved to be difficult, and a front-end loader was brought in to cut a break.

On the very high fire danger day, we turned out to a report of illegal fire in Mundaring, convincing the owner to extinguish the fire.

Lastly, we attended a car fire near Stonehouse Loop along the Great Eastern Highway, assisting Mundaring. 


Thank you to Mundaring for inviting us to an evening joint training exercise.  We able to have lots of fun with hydrants, pumps and hoses, learning useful skills for vehicle and property fires. 



May 2019


Congratulation to Elton on his new appointment as Lieutenant.

Horton Road Bushfire, 15th May

A large out of control bushfire is not what most people would expect in May, though the forecast was for a very high fire danger and the wind was gusty at times. Lets just say there were a few astonished remarks in the light tanker as we approached the plume off Horton Rd in The Lakes.

Visibility was quite poor on the approach road to the origin of the fire and we were immediately tasked.



The fire spread quickly with many spot fires fanned by the wind, escaping containment efforts.


Danika watching over some backburning in the evening.

The fire was not only attended by local firefighters, but local residents and farmers, and crews from far away as Gosnells and Malaga. Thank you all for assisting.

Thank you also to SES, WA Police, Salvos, and St Johns for supporting.

The fire resulted in a sustained emergency warning for the area, we urge residents to take all cautions when burning this season to avoid causing a bushfire and remember to not light up if the fire danger is very high or above.

Lion St Mt Helena, 29th May

The fire had spread into a few properties before it was detected and reported to 000. It may have spread even further if it was not for the prompt action of good neighbours and firefighters. Well done to the local residents defending their property with a small fire unit, successfully reducing the spread of the fire.


A Watch and Act warning was issued on Emergency WA which was later downgraded to an All Clear.

Take care when burning everyone.

April 2019

Prohibited burning was extended in April due to the dryness and lack of rain, resulting in the Restricted burning commencing on the 19th April.  Surprisingly, there were no call outs to illegal burns this month in Sawyers Valley, thank you everyone for complying and staying up to date.

For information on the Burning Periods in the Shire of Mundaring go here.

There were only 2 callouts, one a false alarm, the other a house fire.

The house fire occurred on the same night as our meeting and we have never seen so many firefighters so keen to turn out to a fire.  The meeting was cancelled and the house was mostly saved with limited damage due to the fast response of local brigades.

No photos this month sorry.

March 2019


Annual Shire Family Event - 9th March

Every year the Shire of Mundaring reward volunteers with a fully catered family event.  The evening includes the tug-o-war, bouncy castles, food, drinks, music, prizes and awards.  Thank you to all the community business that donate towards the event.


The adults and the kids had a good crack at the tug-o-war.


The kids all said the bouncy castle was the best ever and had an awesome time.

Safari Rally Support, 16th March

Sawyers Valley provided bushfire support for the Safari Rally hosted by the Light Car Club of WA, we had no trouble finding volunteers to assist with this event.


  Rumour has it, it turned into some navigation training.

Never a dull moment, look at these great shots by Ben M.


Blue Sky Festival - 17th March

For the second year we attended the Blue Sky Festival along with Darling Range, Mt Helena, Parkerville and Stoneville brigade.  Always a great festival where you get to meet many the many wonderful people from the hills. Make sure you catch us at the next event, we often advertise on our Facebook page.

All set up in the morning with Mt Helena's 3.4 in the foreground.


If you missed us at the festival and wish to make a bushfire survival plan visit here to access the online materials.


Bushfire, Bailup Road, 21st March

Called to assist at multiple bushfires on Bailup Road, in Bailup. Fire burnt either side of Bailup road, but was quickly contained by machinery, good fire-breaks, and aerial support. Two shifts attended the incident, with a follow-up patrol the following evening.  Local residents also defended their properties.

A warm homecoming for Elton as he returns from the first shift and mum heads out on the second.


Ben M. and Nick O. getting to work with the light show in the background.  An enormous tree in the background created quite a show, the photos do not do it justice.  The road was closed for a week as a precaution. 

One of our newest recruits Danika with a great smile and a great attitude!

Bushfire, Linley Valley Rd, 26th March

Turned out to scrub fire on Linley Valley Rd, Wooroloo. Fire initially threatened a nearby house and jumped the road, but was contained the swift response of brigades and the assistance of aerial support. 

The elusive, dark blue helitak viewed safely from our light tanker. Nice of it to fly by again to waterbomb our photo.

The rain gauge says it is still dry out there. Yes that was a rain gauge.


30th March, Scrub Fire Koongamia


Turned out to assist at a 3rd Alarm scrub fire in Koongamia, near Koongamia Primary School. The fire damaged a nearby church and burnt through light scrub along the creek line. Sawyers completed two shifts at the incident.

Here is our Captain, Adrian, tackling a stubborn tree near the creek.

False Alarm, Old Sawyers Rd

Great turn out of brigades to a false alarm, as the fire was not burning in the open air and deemed safe.


Murray is happy to remove his heavy helmet and return home.

February 2019

Quite a few late night call outs this month and one false alarm in the middle of the day.  Here are some of the stories.

Bushfire, Gorrie Road, 6th February

21:35 turn out to a tree, grass, scrub fire Gorrie Rd Sawyers Valley. Crews arrived to a well established fire originating from an abandoned vehicle.

The fire was attended by local crews, East Gidgegannup, Gosnells, Parks and Wildlife, police and the Salvation Army, apologies if I missed anyone but thank you for assisting, it was most appreciated.


Crews focused on successfully preventing the spread of fire by embers in windy conditions, responding quickly to any hop overs. Eventually the fire reached the edges of containment and crews were able to successfully knock down the fire and commence mop up.


A very tired bunch later returned to the station just before 3 am, we hope Dave W pulled up well for his busy day at work.

This fire may later feature on a future Bushfire Wars episode, so keep an eye out for some of our local stars.

Vehicle Fire, 17th February

Just before 11 pm a number of residents may of heard a loud explosion, followed minutes later by another. The truck was located west bound on Great Eastern Hwy near Stonehouse Loop. Sawyers Valley and police provided support at the incident while Mt Helena's BA wearers tackled the fire.

Thank you to all the vehicles who passed slowly with care. We all got to go home safely after working in the 110 km/hr zone.




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