The brigade is equipped with appliances funded through the Emergency Services Levy.

Light Tanker

Based on Toyota Landcruiser cab-chassis, these appliances are well suited to off-road use. They carry 650L of water with a standard crew of two. They are particularly useful for fast knockdown of running bush fires due to their manoeuvrability and go anywhere capability. They’re also useful as a highly manoeuvrable platform for Sector Commander and Ground Controller operations and for relay pumping where large volumes of water are required from distant water sources such as at structural fires.

14R Tanker

Based on 4 x 4 Isuzu dual cab-chassis, these appliances are suited to off-road use. They carry approximately 1000L of water with a standard crew of between two and six. They are particularly useful for mopping up operations whilst providing fast knockdown of running fires where access in reasonably accessible locations. The 14 tanker provides a manoeuvrable platform for Sector Commander and Ground Controller operations and for relay pumping where large volumes of water are required from distant water sources such as at structural fires.  They are fitted with a manual and an electric hose reel.

Sawyers valley 14R and LT

Other Appliances

A variety of appliances are used by other Shire of Mundaring brigades including 34, 34 and 44 tankers in Urban and Rural varieties, vehicles for collar tank deployment, fire support and Incident Control.

Austin Fire Truck

Sawyers Valley Brigade’s Austin fire truck is having a makeover.  Thanks to a kind benefactor the old truck is being rejuvenated and is nearly ready to again play a role in the fire organisation.  This is an origianl photo of the Austin in it's hay-day, in the early 1980’s:

Sawyers Valley fire truck X-Ray Sierra, circa 1982

As the Austin looked before restoration commenced:

The Old Austin

The Austin 'X-ray Sierra' fire tanker will soon be as good as it was in the 1980's, some 30 years or so after it went into retirement; but this time instead of fighting fires Austin's main role will be the promotion of the volunteer bush fire service.  We’ll keep you posted, it won't be long now.

Bush Fire Station and Equipment

Sawyers Valley Bush Fire Station is designed to be bush fire and storm safe.  The four bay reinforced concrete structure is located in Ashstead Street on the western outskirts of Sawyers Valley, adjacent to the northern boundary of Beelu National Park.

The structure has been newly constructed with much of the internal work still under way.

Sawyers Valley Bush Fire Station, Ashstead St, Sawyers Valley

The design and facilities will accommodate the running of emergency incidents as well as the day to day operations of the brigade.  Resources include base station radios, 240 Volt standby power and 12 Volt emergency power.

Our Fire-trailer


Our trailer was very kindly donated to us in 2014 by the Lions Club District 201W1.  

It is available for use by local residents who are doing Hazard Reduction Burns, and is also used for an additional water source during the bush-fire seasons. 

The sign was kindly donated by Mundaring Shire and JT's Signs did the sign for us.   

trailer 2

Further work was done by members, who put on an aluminium bumper with LED lights, and added a jockey wheel and user-friendly instructions.


If you are local and would like to use the trailer, please contact the Brigade for details. 

Personal Equipment

Brigade members are provided with standard issue, bush fire rate, personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes fire retardant (Proban) treated turn-out coat and pants, fire rated steel-capped boots, fire rated gloves, goggles, fire rated helmet, LED helmet lights and two stage, particle and smoke, air filter face masks. Personal equipment carried by fire fighters may also include a pocket knife, matches, pen and note pad, compass and drinking water.


With the roll-out of the Western Australian Emergency Radio Network (WAERN), all Sawyers Valley appliances are fitted with WAERN radios.

Due to the increased complexity of the WAERN radios, the brigade has produced User Guides for use by it's members.